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Julia comes from a long line of artists and has created her own original artwork since childhood. Her love of nature and relationship to the natural world informs her work, including hand-dyed and felted textile hangings, sensory wheels and unique Wensleydale fibre garments.  Julia grows and hand-dyes her own Wensleydale wool fibre, is a British… More Biography

Felt Artist

As a Felt Artist and Designer Maker, Julia has produced and used her Wensleydale Fibre from animal to the end result. Her meditative approach and commitment to Slow Art reflect an intimate connection with nature brought out in the semi-abstract form.    This involvement with many different hand skills at all stages of creativity invites its… More Felt Artist

Design Maker

As a Designer Maker using her own locally worsted spun yarns, Julia is involved in the whole process at Diamond Fibre Worsted Spinning Mill, sorting and colour matching her fibre, and helping with carding, picking and hanking as required.  This gives her a unique feel for its strength and durability as well as its luxurious… More Design Maker