Design Maker

As a Designer Maker using her own locally worsted spun yarns, Julia is involved in the whole process at Diamond Fibre Worsted Spinning Mill, sorting and colour matching her fibre, and helping with carding, picking and hanking as required. 

This gives her a unique feel for its strength and durability as well as its luxurious softness and lustre.

From this, she has developed designs for a few jackets, shawls and wraps each year using natural and hand-dyed colours. 

Comments about the resulting lightness and sense of well-being by the wearer are not unusual. 

Her work has been recognised by both British Wool as an Artisan Producer for the quality of her yarns and by the Society of Designer Craftsmen by Full Membership for her Design and Craftsmanship.

Current Projects include collaborating with  Wood Artist Mark Austin on 3D Sensory Wheels, where Wensleydale felted panels are mounted on a turning wheel for their tactile wellbeing enhancement.

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