Julia was brought up at the end of the war on Dartmoor, taught hand skills by her mother, a professional artist, and classical art and drawing skills by her father whose artist parents attended the RA schools before the first world war. These talents were supported by Handwork classes which were a normal part of the school curriculum and included sewing, knitting, basketry, and many more.

A lasting love of nature, animals and environment developed during these years. expressed through her hands years later as a self-taught artist after a career in London, marriage and children.

 Here are some early pictures of Julia, aged 10 – 13  showing how it  began with scraps of all kinds of material from friends and much experimentation. The Wardrobe and the Farmyard were made by her brother, Richard. The Antique Fourposter Dolls’ Bed was designed and made by her mother, Beatrice Little. The little pale aquamarine dress was made  out of a scrap from her bridesmaid dress, aged 3.