Fibre Artist

I think my fascination with fibre sprang from my mother’s intimate knowledge of materials as a textile artist. We used to visit department stores together and  disappear into the incredible shelves of dressmaking fabrics and she would run through all the names, picking up the ends and scrunching them to see if they creased or not: taffeta, gros grain, velvet and so many more.
Very often we would emerge with a small Fat Quarter for her patchwork.

As time has gone on the fusion between animal fibre and material in a wider context has settled. It is a continual exploration of the unique characteristics of Wensleydale Longwool and its numerous applications from fleece to fibre sculpting.

Wall Hanging – The Hour Before Dawn

The amount of work that has gone into this piece is incredible. I wanted to engage with it. I wanted to touch it. Actually, I was quite desperate to touch it.

(Maxine Laceby, Panel Judge for Pure Art 360)

“I love the wildness and passion I see in your art. Thank you for making my heart sing.”

(Visitor to PURE Art Fair, Battle 2019)