Julia comes from a long line of artists and has created her own original artwork since childhood. Her love of nature and relationship to the natural world informs her work, including hand-dyed and felted textile hangings, sensory wheels and unique Wensleydale fibre garments. 

Julia grows and hand-dyes her own Wensleydale wool fibre, is a British Wool Artisan Licensee and is passionate about inspiring others through heritage skills. Her studio is open to visitors and study groups, whereas Julia is now focused on the therapeutic aspect of Wensleydale.

How it all began:

From 1996 – 2010, Julia ran a small Sussex estate, where the different threads of her life integrated. In 2009, she directed an Awards for All Lottery-funded Project called “Sheep to Shawl.” This project included farmers, shearers, spinners, dyers, and volunteers, all committed to making the best out of Rare Breed Sheep fibre. Shared skills, collaboration and encouragement of discovering new methods, added value to their animals or interests. In 2006, British Wool verified the quality of Julia’s fibre and she became a Small Licensee. Julia progressed to working exclusively with her own Wensleydale Fibre, which gave her a deep satisfaction, bringing together a love of animals, nature, colour, and texture in design, pattern making and creating artwork in semi-abstract forms.

Techniques and processes:
Every stage of Julia’s artwork is slow, organic and “hands-on”. Consequently, she only produces a few items each year, several of which are held in private collections in the UK and the US.